Monthly Archives September 2014

Aculife Patches

Ever have a horse in so much pain that they quit working for you? Ever have a horse that just wasn't giving you the runs they used to? Ever have an older horse that suffers from arthritis or is just starting to show their age after workouts or events?
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Pasture vs Stalls

One of the biggest debates in the horse world is whether or not performance horses should be able to have more turn out time than they do at most top training barns. My experience is mostly in the Western sector at training barns that don't offer a lot of good quality turn out time i.e. longer than an hour, out on grass...
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Staying motivated to RIDE your horse

One of the hardest things for me being a trainer that works a "regular" day job with training and teaching lessons on the side, is staying motivated to ride whether is be before, after or on my days off from work. I have 3 of my own horses I need to ride or work regularly and find it sometimes hard. My horses are all at different levels and being ridden or worked in a different way.I have come up with a couple of ways that are helping me to keep myself motivated.
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