2015 Goals for SL Barrel Horses


I have been told that goals are dreams written down and that you are more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down put them somewhere where you will see them everyday. I am going to set some deadlines for goals this year and I am going to really make my dream come true! Tomorrow is January 1, 2015! It is the first page in a 365 day book! Each day I am going to write down one positive and one negative thing that happened. I will use each set back as a stepping stone to my ultimate goal!

The first of my goals is to ride at least 20 days in January (weather permitting), a bonus will be getting in more days!

The second of my goals is to have Dori ready to Time-Only by the February NBHA race!

The third of my goals is to qualify 2 horses for finals this year!

And my fourth goal is to acquire enough sponsorship to be able to haul 2 horses all season!SL-Barrel-Horses

This list will grow as the year goes on and there maybe some goals that change based on the happenings at the time the deadline for said goal approaches. The key for me will be consistency! I have a brand new notebook that will contain my goals, my achievements and my set backs. This time newt year I will look back to see just how far I have come and to prove to the haters that the WANT is there!

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