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My 2019 Horse Holiday Gift Guide

Are you stuck on what do get your horse friends for the holidays? Here is my 2019 Horse Holiday Gift Guide. I am going to help you with some of my favorites that every horse person will love. The following are 12 items that every horse person should have: The Saddle Sack – Theses come from Fallon Taylor’s Ranch Dress’n. They are convenient for your phone, cash, gum, and whatever else you like to carry with you while you ride. There are so many cool colors and designs that you can coordinate with your take. They easily strap to your saddle.
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Who is your competition in the barrel or gymkhana pen?

Who is your competition in the barrel or gymkhana pen? Do you know who your competition is in that barrel or gymkhana pen? I DO!! Your only competition is YOU!! You heard me right! The only competition you in that pen is you. Do you know why your only competition is you? It is because no one else matters. No one can ride for you, so you are the only one to ride PRs you, who can improve your abilities, be humble for you! Will you be out-rode and out-shown? Probably! Does that matter? Absolutely NOT!! Every time I step
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