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IMG_4112Ever have a horse in so much pain that they quit working for you? Ever have a horse that just wasn’t giving you the runs they used to? Ever have an older horse that suffers from arthritis or is just starting to show their age after workouts or events?

About a year ago, I had a friend approach me on Facebook about a product he was a distributor for that he swore would relieve the pain of my barrel horse without drugs or needles. I was a little skeptical about it and put off giving the patches a try. He went ahead and sent me some samples to try on my horse and myself. In January, I had a little extra cash and so I decided to join his team, but still not 100% sold on this product.

In February, I hosted a patching clinic and my IMG_4110sponsor patched some of the horses for various reasons and I saw proof that these patches worked. One horse had major pain all over and with in minutes of the patches being applied the horse was no longer dipping when touched along the back, loin, and croup. Another horse had anxiety issues, with patches places in a certain place the horse became calmer and had the ability to stand away from it’s buddy without screaming its head off.

I continued with the purchasing of patches every month and trying to build a business (still working on the business part), but wasn’t really using the patches myself. In May, my good barrel horse who is 22 this year, had a really rough run and pretty much quite using his hind end around my first barrel. So in June, I decided to give these patches a try. I placed patches in places that he was showing pain, mostly over his loins, croup and his hamstrings. We had a better run but it still wasn’t what it should have been. I continued using the patches and placing them in different places along his back and down his hing legs.

After ACBRA finals, the second day, someone mentioned that my horse was lame. So before my next race, I had him checked by the vet. She found that he was really sore in his right lumbar area. We did an acupuncture treatment and I patched him in the same places. Rocket and I had on of our more successful runs of the season and he was using his hind quarters again. The next race we went to, Rocket had an acupuncture treatment 2 days before and patched in the same places, we won a check.

These patches work, especially if you know how to use them. They work on horses and people alike. I use them on myself and love them. My goal for 2015, is to move up the ranks as an Aculife distributor and to become a Certified Aculife TrGetpatched.comainer!

These patches actually work and the results are amazing! For more information please head over to or


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