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What is your 2017 Vision?

What is a vision board? The definition of a vision board is:: “a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal.” In one of the courses for continued education I have signed up for this year, we were required to make a vision board. I spent 2 weeks searching through photos, Pinterest and Facebook to find images that fit my vision for 2017. I plan on taking this year by the horns and not letting go until I get what I want. 2017 is going to be a big year for us at SL
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Saddle Shopping

I have the opportunity to purchase a new barrel saddle. There are so many options out there and I am pretty sure way more option than when I purchased my current Billy Cook Barrel Saddle 10 years ago from Boot Barn. I purchased this saddle that long ago without really knowing much about saddle fit other than my butt needed to fit in it and it shouldn’t roll on my horse. Other than that I wasn’t educated enough about gullet size and bars :: semi QH vs Full QH, etc. I was looking for a saddle that was functional, fit
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Designing Your Own Equestrain Facility

We were not lucky enough to purchase a turnkey facility all ready for us to move in and start running our training and lesson programs out of. When we were searching for our "perfect fit" property, we looked at 3 facilities ready to go, we just needed horses and clients, but each other had a thing or 2 that wasn't quite the right fit.
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