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Saddle Shopping

I have the opportunity to purchase a new barrel saddle. There are so many options out there and I am pretty sure way more option than when I purchased my current Billy Cook Barrel Saddle 10 years ago from Boot Barn. I purchased this saddle that long ago without really knowing much about saddle fit other than my butt needed to fit in it and it shouldn’t roll on my horse. Other than that I wasn’t educated enough about gullet size and bars :: semi QH vs Full QH, etc. I was looking for a saddle that was functional, fit
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Knowing the history of this horse, she has an abscess putting pressure on her heel causing her to stand on her tippy-toe. It’s that time of year again. The winter months are upon us and tend to bring wet, cold weather, which in turn bring muddy and then frozen ground. As a result our horses can suffer from the constant change in ground conditions leading to a greater risk of the nasty thing we refer to as abscesses. There are several ways to pinpoint and treat an abscess. The first requires calling your farrier to see if he/she can locate the
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Your Competition!

Barrel racing isn't just about going out there and winning, beating the girl on the expensive horse, or racing against the one who always wins the 1D. It is about bettering your run each and every time you step foot into the saddle and your horse runs through that gate.
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