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Continued education as a Horse Trainer, Riding Coach, and Horsewoman

Continued education as a Horse Trainer, Riding Coach, and Horsewoman. As a horse person, I am a firm believer in that we never stop learning. We need to continue our education as a trainer, coach, and horseman(woman) to get the best out of our horses. So how do I go about continuing my education?   There are several ways you can continue your education. Clinics with other trainers/riding coaches Riding in the clinic  Auditing the clinic (fence-sitting) Workshops with associations Online courses Reading (there are so many books on horses and horse-related things, but make sure you read the reviews
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Sharon Camarillo/Donna Irvin Barrel Racing Clinic 2017

A couple of weekends ago, Kayla and I attended a Sharon Camarillo/Donna Irvin "Better Barrel Racing" Clinic as audits. For $100, we were able to visit Falling Oak Ranch, in Salinas, CA, for the two day clinic, sit at the end of the arena and watch 2 incredibly talented women teach a stellar group of girls how to be better barrel racers and horsewomen.
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