Chasing Dreams pt 2



I am not the only one with SL Barrel Horses  that is chasing their dream. I have two beautiful ladies I have been helping off and on over the last couple of years.

First there is Maegan, who purchased the first horse I ever sold as a trainer. She was ready to get back into horses and completely fell in love with a big bay mare I had for sale. She came out once a week or so for several months to watch me work her horse and take some lessons. Once she was comfortable with Roxy, I moved the horse closer to Maegan, where she has spent the last year or so finishing the mare and starting to haul her. Over Memorial weekend, Maegan hauled Roxy to Gilroy and went to an ACBRA barrel race with me. The first day Maegan just rode Roxy around and got a feel for how the mare would handle the new scene. The second day, Maegan signed herself up for her first time-onlys. She was really nervous but did  really well. In July, Roxy was entered in her first barrel race with Maegan! They had a rough a run, but it was all a learning experience and they will only get better with time! I am really excited to watch this team grow.

Today, Maegan and I were talking about which association she should join and I offered my opinion and will look forward to coaching them in 2015!

Secondly there is Eva, Maegan’s daughter. A little over a year ago, Eva had an incident with her pony that scared her and caused her to lose her confidence. She didn’t want to ride anymore. I purchased a bucket with some goodies for Eva and had her promise me she would use the brushes to groom her pony and use the pink saddle blanket under her saddle when she rode.Eva after her first barrel race! Eva slowly gained her confidence and went to a gymkhana last October, she took home some ribbons and was so excited. She has been riding and practicing with Baby Girl ever since. Eva joined us with Baby Girl at the NBHA race in July, where she rode her pony on the PeeWee class all by herself for the first time. A few weeks ago, she asked Maegan when the next barrel race was because she wanted to go and ride Baby Girl in the PeeWee class again.

During my conversation with Maegan today, we talked about Eva and Baby Girl’s future. I told Maegan that if Eva committed to one year of barrel racing with Baby Girl, would pay her NBHA membership for 2015. Eva wanted her mom to tell me that she was very excited. Eva has a PeeWee buckle to win next year!

This is why I do what I do! I am excited to watch these two teams as the grow and become stronger competitors! Remember YOU are your ONLY competition!


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