Chasing Dreams pt3

Dolly and RemingtonIMG_2175

About a year and half ago I got a call to move a horse to a new barn. The call came from Dolly, who I had met while working for a local horse trainer. She was looking to move her horse closer to home and was also looking for lessons. I agreed to move her horse and help her get back to riding. And that is when the lesson program of SL Barrel Horses was born. Dolly is not a barrel racer and her horse is not a barrel horse, but he is a reiner. Remington is a solid reining horse that has rebuilt the confidence of a rider/owner who was nervous riding faster than a walk.

Over the course of the last year, Dolly and Remington have had their ups and downs. The ups have been amazing and Dolly has loped her horse a few times since moving to the new barn and starting over. Every week they step up their game and improve on the lest from the week before. Dolly went from not riding Remington in 3 years to riding him 4 to 5 times a week. The downs have been hard as Remington was recently diagnosed with a navicular cyst is his front foot. We are working hard at rehabbing him and Dolly rides him regularly.

Thanks to Dolly and her want to ride her horse again, I was able to take the biggest step to building my business. I have some of the best students and I absolutely love watching the progression of all of them as they chase their dreams. Whether is be getting back on their horse after a traumatic accident or just getting back on after several years watching others ride your horse, I am helping my students achieve their goals with their horses.


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