Chasing Dreams pt4

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A few months ago I got a message on my Facebook page form a mom who was looking for help for her daughter and their horse. A week before her daughter, Kaitlyn, had been bucked off her horse, Dolly, and the horse had almost severed her own tongue. I was asked to come out to the barn and see if I could help get Kaitlyn back on Dolly.

After the first lesson, I had Kaitlyn trotting on Dolly and working to get Dolly’s head down and teaching them both about giving to pressure. Kaitlyn headed to gymkhana shortly after we started working together and did really well. We’ve been working together with Dolly for the last few months and we have come leaps and bounds. Kaitlyn has shown a few times this summer and been pretty successful. We are now slowing things down again and making each maneuver perfect. This week I got the following message from Kaitlyn’s mom::

“Hi Sarah, so tonight Dolly was a brat, she’s in heat and in the arena tonight were two hot geldings.. After I was done cleaning I walked over to the arena and Kaitlyn’s first words to me were, “I need¬†Sarah Luke” We miss you it’s been two weeks.. Although, the last time Dolly acted like tonight she bucked Kaitlyn off and almost cut her tongue off, so we are ever so grateful for your training and teaching Kaitlyn how to be a better rider and partner for Dolly. See ya next week..”

This makes everything I do with my students totally worth it! Watching the smiles on their faces at races or gymkhanas/shows gives me the reassurance that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. I am helping Kaitlyn reach her goals with Dolly one lesson at a time!

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