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I have a mare that has an amazingly thick mane and tail. This can be a rather pain to keep up with. If I don’t keep her mane braided, it get awful knots that are hard to get undone without ripping out part of her mane. Her tail is almost dragging the ground, but is hard to keep in a tail bag or tail wrap (that would fit a normal horse) because her tail bone is a little on the longer side.



My favorite line of horse shampoos and conditioners to use come from EquiFUSE®! I had yet to find a product that brought out the color in my palomino or my grey horses and keep the white in their manes’ and tails’ bright and shiny. The CFS™ shampoo has a whitener in it that makes the manes and tails white and sparkly. The CITRAFOAM™ shampoo leaves the body coat shiny and smooth. Each of my sorrel and bay horses have enhanced color as well!












My all time favorite product in this line is the GLEAM™ moisturizer! I have been known to leave manes and tails braided for over a month and usually when you take those braids out you CANNOT run your fingers through them, let alone a brush! That is NOT the case with GLEAM™!! I can leave my mare’s mane braids in for a month and a half and run a brush through it as if I had braided it the day before. Unbraid the mane or tail run your brush/comb through it, reapply GLEAM™ and re-braid! No need to wash each time!











The final product on my list of must-haves (especially this time of year) is the COOLOUT™ powder that helps remove sweat marks without hosing your horse off. Just sprinkle on the horse, let dry, and brush the sweat away!

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