Horseback Riding Lessons with SL Barrel Horses at LoneStar Riding Academy


Today was my first full Saturday teaching lessons at LoneStar Riding Academy and I had a blast! I have taught lessons during the week and one or so lessons on a Saturday here or there, but not having a full morning.

Today I had my first beginner group lesson for a mom and her two kids. The family won two gift certificates that I donated. I was sure what to expect or how successful I was going to be with this lesson, but all 3 will be returning for more lessons.

My second lesson today was a 12 year old girl that has had some bad exeriences wit
h horses and trainers. Today was the second lesson for her and she had a great lesson, trotting
Milan around in the arena off the lunge line. She trotted circles and weaving in and out of the cones and just building her confidence bimg_1188ack in the saddle. She is not quite ready to lope yet but she will be in the next few weeks.

I will be at a barrel race next weekend but Heidi of LoneStar Riding Academy will be taking my beginner students for the week so that they don’t miss any lessons. I am hoping that in the next few weeks I will be booked all day on Saturdays but for now things are moving along perfectly!

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