Life off the barrel pattern


So I have been away for awhile and I apologize for that as life as been very crazy. On February 19, 2015, my dad was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer and without treatment was given 4 weeks to live. After I received the news, a few things took the back burner while I figured things out (my blog being one of them), but I am back now and ready to share life’s journey with you again. Today was the first day of his treatment.

After my father’s diagnosis, I spent some time reflecting on things including my career and whether or not I am supposed to be doing this. I came to the conclusion that I am going to make 2015 my year to achieve as many dreams (goals) as possible just in case my dad doesn’t survive this.

So far, Rocket and I have run at 3 races and each time we have been just out of the money. I am finding that the acupuncture and Aculife patches are working wonders along with the Formula 1 Noni. We are getting faster and hopefully will be pulling a check soon, so that I can donate money to Dreaming Of 3. We are currently sitting #1 in points in the 4D.

I have picked some new sponsors for 2015 and I cannot wait to show you the goodies.

Dori will be going back to work this week with a goal of hitting a June barrel race for time-only’s. I am going to be scheduling a chiropractic and dental appointment for her to see if we can figure out why she won’t turn left.

Polly will be started in the next few weeks with a goal of hauling to a September or October barrel race for Time-only’s.

Life throws us curve balls, but it is up to us to sort everything. God has a plan and I believe His plan to show me that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting this crazy journey I have chosen.

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