NBHA State Finals


Tomorrow morning, we leave for King City for our last race of the season. NBHA State Finals runs Oct 1st through Oct 2nd this year! It will be the last big race for Rocket but he will only be going into semi-retirement as I want to haul him with Dori and he isn’t ready to quit.

Qualifying for NBHA State is quite easy in that all that is required is running at 3 NBHA district races to enter as many horses as you want. I run at NBHA CA 12 races and love them because they are small enough that we have a chance to win something but also because they are also small enough that the young horses won’t be under too much pressure.

I am really excited about this race and hope that it is as good as last year. ¬†Next year there will be new horses at NBHA State for me, so this year’s race is bittersweet!

Good Luck to everyone running at NBHA State Finals this year!

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