Preparing for Winter

Winter of 2013

Winter of 2013


How do you prepare for winter?


We had our first good rain of the season this past weekend. And by good rain I mean that we had at least an inch and it rained for longer than 2 hours. The ground in my pasture took the amount of rain we received for well. It settled the dust, but didn’t cause any significant mud. I left my horses out without their blankets on (I will save that discussion for another post), because it wasn’t overly cold and actually I hadn’t gotten my blankets washed yet.

Now that we have had a nice amount of rain to get things settled down, I will be having my brother run the disk through the pasture to help get the top layer of the ground broken up in hopes that the grass will have an easier time to grow.

The stalls have had the mats pulled and fixed with more base rock if necessary and then flattened and rebedded with pellets. Spider webs were brushed away and the solar light I have up in on of the stalls was cleaned off so the light is good down there now that it is getting dark earlier. The little barn in the corral is fully stocked with hay and the bedding pellets used for the stalls have been moved closer for easy access in the muddy and raining winter season.

I hope to get the ground in the round pen worked and ready for any heavy rain we may get because one side of it tends to flood and I still need to be able to use through the winter as I start my filly and continue to ride my other horses (I have no arena at this time).

So tell me, how do you prepare for winter?

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