Rainy Days

We had a barrel race scheduled for today, but due to some rain that left the arena’s footing unsafe, it was canceled. So what should I do when the rain is coming down and Mother Nature is not allowing me to ride? I do some studying. I have been an email subscriber to “Heather Smith’s Barrel Racing Tips” at www.barrelracingtips.com for almost two years now. I have purchased all 3 of her books and I often read her articles over and over because I always learn something new.

Anyway, about a week ago I became a member of her pro-content membership program. I have been reading her books and the articles and working on the “worksheets” learning more about myself as a person, horsewoman and barrel racer. While I am doing this (busted out the highlighters and pen/paper), I am setting my goals for 2015.

One the articles I have been reading and reviewing is “Peel Back the Layers and Get Real“, which asks several deep questions to get you thinking about who you are as a barrel racer and person. Along with that I am reading Heather’s most recent book titled, “The Confident Barrel Racer.”

What do you do on rainy days or days that you are unable to ride? Share your stories in the comments below! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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