SL Barrel Horses Has a Permenant home!!


I  am so excited to announce that SL Barrel Horses finally has a permenant home! We will be moving our training and lesson facility to Lonestar Riding Academy in San Juan Bautista, Ca.

After a year of searching the owners of Lonestar Riding Academy and I have found the perfect location to build our businesses on. We are in the process of cleaning things up and building arenas, paddocks and more stall (all a big work in progress).


We met with Tony of Olympian Footing last Friday to get a bid started for an arena that we hope will be 140′ x 260′-ish… We will be putting in new footing into the 70′ round pen that already exists and updating and splitting up the current paddocks (improving the fencing and the footing as well as creating more space for horses). I will also have my own office :-D!

I am so excited for the next step in growing the business and inviting clients out to enjoy the fruits of our labor! More updates to come as we start on improvements and finish work to welcome horses and people to join our teams!


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