SL Barrel Horses–Our 1st Official Lesson at LoneStar Riding Academy


Lexi and Katie riding Western on there English attire! So much fun!

The Friday before Christmas, SL Barrel Horses had our first official lesson at LoneStar Riding Academy. We had two teen girls that came to us as a birthday surprise for Lexi and her best friend Katie. Both girl have a riding back ground but little to no experience in a western saddle. Lexi has a reining horse, but usually rides him English and Katie has jumpers and rides cross county events.

It was so much fun watching these two girls act like they have never been on a horse a day in their lives and then start to figure out the really its a lot of difference other than the saddle. Katie had never mounted a horse from the ground and wasn’t sure she could get on Milan without a mounting block (which we don’t have at the barn yet) and Lexi wasn’t sure what do to with all the extra rein involved with riding in split reins.

As the girls got more comfortable in a western saddle, you really got to see the joy in them. They wanted to keep riding all day. At one point, Lexi asked me if they could come out every week to ride in a western saddle. Each girl got a chance to ride both Milan and Remington. They took turns loping and spinning Remington; and trotting and working Milan through her “defiance”.

My favorite part was watching the girls go from being completely out of their comfort zone to really enjoying what they were learning and laughing. Having a carefree and light environment to learn in is the best for molding young (and adult) equestrians! Join us for fun and fulfilling lessons and training sessions with your horse!


Lexi riding Remington!


Katie riding Milan!

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