Starting my next journey!

Now that the 2015-2016 barrel racing season is over and I am looking forward to 2016-2017 (mostly 2017) as I start to bring horses up and fill the shoes that Rocket is leaving behind. I still plan to haul and run him a little as I don’t think he 100% ready to quit and I need a veteran to haul with the “babies” who aren’t exactly babies anymore.

I have set some goals and will be looking at what it is going to take financially and physically/mentally to achieve them. The first one is to build enough clients to be able to cut back on 40hr/week day job. I am also starting to get consistent with Dori and Jet as I need horses to haul. Twice a week they will be going with me to LoneStar Riding Academy and becoming “big kids”. I have super high hopes for Dori and I need to put on my “big girl panties” and ride!


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